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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Java SE 8 or 11 for Jakarta EE 9?

I think the choice is a bit different. Of course Jakarta EE 9 has to support running on Java SE 11, the current LTS release. The question is how much more work is it to also support running on SE 8. Also does this limit Jakarta EE 9 in any way? Is there anything that you can't do but you would like to do in Jakarta EE 9 because you still support Java SE 8?

If supporting two LTS release doesn't complicate things too much and it also does not limit the features you are planing to provide then please do support both releases.


Am 4. November 2019 03:29:24 MEZ schrieb Kevin Sutter <sutter@xxxxxxxxxx>:
Since we're trying to nail down the Jakarta EE 9 content before early December, I'm going to start a few separate threads to discuss the major topics.

Should Jakarta EE 9 keep Java SE 8 as the minimum, or should we move to Java SE 11?  

Note, even if we decide to move to Java SE 11 as the minimum, this does not mean that we will require JPMS.  We're only talking about the runtime support.  Also, even if we decide to stick with Java SE 8 as the minimum, compatible implementations could support any version of Java SE 8 and beyond.

Java SE 8 Pros
  • Consistent with Java EE 8 and Jakarta EE 8.  Limits migration concerns.
  • No need to provide the "missing" Java EE technologies that were removed from Java SE 11.
  • Still has a long support cycle (2025?).

Java SE 11 Pros
  • Latest and greatest LTS release for Java.
As you can see, I'm having a tough time justifying the move to Java SE 11 -- especially with all of the required work for Jakarta EE 9, namely the jakarta namespace change.

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