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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Jakarta EE 9 Delivery Plan


We need to propose a delivery plan for Jakarta EE to the Steering Committee by December 9th. 

In this week's steering committee meeting, the Jakarta EE Steering Committee adopted the following resolution regarding Jakarta EE 9. It is recorded in the minutes, but since these will not be published until after they have been approved at the steering committee meeting next week, I include it here:

RESOLVED, the Jakarta EE Steering Committee requests that the Jakarta EE Platform Project leadership deliver a Jakarta EE 9 Delivery Plan to the Steering Committee no later than December 9, 2019, for the Steering Committee to consider adopting as the roadmap for Jakarta EE 9, and that the Jakarta EE 9 Delivery Plan accommodates the following constraints: 
  • implements the “big bang”
  • Includes an explicit means to identify and enable specifications that are unnecessary or unwanted to be deprecated or removed  
  • Moves all remaining specification APIs to the Jakarta namespace
  • States that no new specifications are to be added, apart from specifications pruned from Java SE 8 where appropriate, unless those specifications clearly will not impact the target delivery date
The plan shall define a delivery date, and the team should view meeting the above requirements in as early a timeframe as possible as a higher priority than adding additional functionality to the release.

As a consequence, I have updated our Monthly call to a weekly (you've probably been spammed by this by now...). The first call being November 12th.


Ivar Grimstad

Jakarta EE Developer Advocate | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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