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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Oracle's position on Jakarta EE 9

Removing old cruft, while it has it merits, means more discussions:
TCK's need to be altered beyond the package rename, interoperability
between specs need to be discussed. It opens up the process for much
more delay.

Finally someone mentions this. The TCK split seems an easy thing to do, but a discussion about the following should take place:

 - The mentioned interoperability between the specs (i.e. to run or not to run the tests that were only in CTS, not in TCKs)

 - The common part of the Jakarta EE TCK repo - is it to be copied to each separated TCK, or is it to be held in a common repository?

 - How to certify Jakarta EE 9 compatibility - run just all the TCKs, or will there be a single bundle to be run by all the vendors as it is now for Jakarta EE 8?

 - What is the proposed TCK repository, is it the Specification repository subfolder, or a separate repository on GitHub?



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