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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] CTS 8.0.1 and JSONB TCK 1.0.1

We don't have an established protocol for handling updates like this.  I propose the following as a bare minimum:

 - JSONB 1.0.1: We get TCK verifications from *both* GlassFish 5.1 and OpenLiberty in the form of JSONB certification requests against the new sha256.  We then publish immediately.  I published the 1.0.0 TCK moments ago, so I'm happy to do that.

 - CTS 8.0.1: We get TCK verifications from *both* GlassFish 5.1 and OpenLiberty in the form of Full and Web Profile certification requests against the new sha256.  We hold the binaries, add this additional TCK link and certification requests to the Web and Full PRs.  We publish all TCKs when the votes complete.

David Blevins

On Sep 5, 2019, at 3:34 PM, Gurunandan Rao <gurunandan.rao@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,
We have updated CTS, to exclude JSONB tests accepted in TCK challenge described inhttps://github.com/eclipse-ee4j/jsonb-api/issues/180
Also we have created new bundle for JSONB TCK with excluded tests. Please refer the below download location for the new bundles.

1. EFTL :
CTS 8.0.1 - http://download.eclipse.org/ee4j/jakartaee-tck/jakartaee8-eftl/staged-801/eclipse-jakartaeetck-8.0.1.zip
JSONB TCK 1.0.1 - http://download.eclipse.org/ee4j/jakartaee-tck/jakartaee8-eftl/staged-801/eclipse-jsonb-tck-1.0.1.zip

2. EPL :
CTS 8.0.1 - http://download.eclipse.org/ee4j/jakartaee-tck/jakartaee8/nightly-801/jakartaeetck-8.0.1.zip
JSONB TCK 1.0.1 - http://download.eclipse.org/ee4j/jakartaee-tck/jakartaee8/nightly-801/jsonb-tck-1.0.1.zip


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