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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Help needed with the Jakarta EE Specification Scope Statements

Hi all,

The EE4J PMC is looking for help with producing scope statements for the Jakarta EE Specifications in order to be able to convert the current project to Jakarta EE specification projects. This is a necessary step to be able to ship Jakarta EE 8!

Super short definition of scope statements
- The scope statement must be aspirational rather than attempt to capture any particular state at any particular point-in-time. 
- A scope statement must not focus on the work planned for any particular version of the specification, but rather, define the problem space that the specification is intended to address.

The work with scope statements is tracked in our GitHub organization:

Not that it is the scope of the specification we are looking for, not the project itself as the GitHub issues state (if anyone knows how to bulk change a bunch of GitHub issues, please go ahead...). 
A specification project's scope will typically be to produce the specification document, API JAR and TCK for the specification.

Thanks for your help!

This message is also posted on the EE4J PMC mailing list.


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