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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Move platform API jar file and javadoc generation to platform project?

I've heard no objections and some support so I'll proceed with the plan below.


Bill Shannon wrote on 4/11/19 11:29 AM:
> (Sorry for the cross-posting, but presumably both groups will be interested...)
> The Jakarta EE platform javadocs and API jar files are generated from a
> subproject of the GlassFish repo.  A normal build of GlassFish does not build
> this subproject, and a normal release of GlassFish does not release this
> subproject.  This subproject collects together all the API artifacts from
> all the other API projects, builds them, combines them into the platform
> (and profile) API jar files, and generates the combined platform (and profile)
> javadocs.
> The reason this is part of the GlassFish repo is so that it can share
> the configuration of the *versions* of the API artifacts; the actual API
> artifacts used by the subproject are defined in the subproject.
> I propose moving this subproject to a new repo in the Jakarta EE Platform
> project.  This new Maven project can produce a BOM pom that can be imported
> into GlassFish so that the artifact version configuration can still be shared.
> Updating GlassFish to use a new version of a component may require updating
> the API version in the Jakarta EE platform project and updating the
> implementation version in the GlassFish project.  This will be a minor issue
> for components with a clean API/implementation separation, but will be more
> of an issue for components that require synchronized updates of both artifacts.
> Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?
> If there are no objections by April 18, I'll start the process to move
> this Maven subproject to a jakartaee-api repo in the Jakarta EE Platform
> project.
> Thanks.

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