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Re: [] Jakarta EE Contributors Page] Website Contribution - New feature

Dias Jakartees, 

A few Jakartees and Chris, WebMaster, helped merged the Contributor card list #923 PR this AM. 💙

Jakarta EE 9 Release Page - WIP  shows 6 contributors' cards at a time. The cards rotate every 15seconds.  The program captures the contributions of more than 100 individuals associated with work on the Jakarta EE Specs & EE4J repo.  Activity ranges from Oct 1st, 2019 to Nov 6th, 2020 ( The technical release for 9 ended on that day). 

Closing this thread and PR update, 

On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 1:18 PM Amelia Eiras <aeiras@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This morning, we (the Tomitribe team assigned to the committee) showed during the marketing committee call a mock-up on how the Jakarta EE Contributors' page could look via a draft-Pull Request.

You can preview how it works here:
Developers can copy code from here:
  • Highlight everyone (committers & contributors alike) who contributes to the Jakarta EE ecosystem via git or... ? what other mediums should it use? MATTERS
  • No 1 person or group ought to be responsible for judging who is deserving to be noticed in this ecosystem. Everyone matters. If you care enough to dedicate your time and contribute to Jakarta EE, your picture must show up. 
  • tools chosen for tracking the new page will update proactively during the rotation (currently 15 seconds) 
  • This much-needed feature requires everyone's feedback. Dream it together, adjust it together, making it ours. 
The website improvement is the responsibility of this community. 
Anyone can choose to own a PR (if you want it badly enough, but the work and push it through) Words must match your actions. Otherwise it is just noise.  Also, let's remember to submit the PR for review to start the conversation via the Jakarta EE repo  & send off an email to this mailing list informing the PR's arrival (only 22 Jakartees are watching the repository. The visibility is bare, therefore that email announcement is needed)  

I think about the money that can be saved if we lower the bar to entry and clarify that anyone in the community can contribute to the website improvements.  We need to push via issues the tasks needed, we need to use this forum more active, and we need to introduce how we wish to collaborate with others. 

On that note, the pull request welcomes YOU, #ossDOER, who has signed the ECA, to provide feedback and dream up the new feature that includes your awesomeness! 

Amelia Eiras 

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