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[] Jakarta EE Spec Committee Approved Meeting Minutes - July 19th, 2023

Jakarta EE Spec Committee - July 19th, 2023

Attendees (present in bold):

Kenji Kazumura - Fujitsu

Emily Jiang - IBM - Tom Watson

Ed Bratt - Oracle - Dmitry Kornilov

Andrew Pielage - Payara - Petr Aubrecht

David Blevins - Tomitribe - Jean-Louis Monteiro, Cesar Hernandez

Ivar Grimstad - PMC Representative

Marcelo Ancelmo - Participant Member -  Abraham Marin-Perez

Werner Keil - Committer Member

Scott Stark - Red Hat - Scott Marlow  Enterprise Member

Zhai Luchao -  Shandong Cvicse Middleware Co. - Enterprise Member

Guests - Jakarta EE 11 co-release coordinators: Ed Burns, Arjan Tijms


Eclipse Foundation: Tanja Obradovic, Paul Buck (chair)

Past business / action items:

  • Approval is requested for the minutes from the July 12th, 2023 meeting as drafted - Approved.


  • Ongoing tracking spreadsheet of specifications progressing through the JESP version lifecycle

    • ACTION REQUIRED - Jakarta EE 11 Plan Reviews are underway, mentors are requested to review, provide feedback to projects as needed and proceed to ballot.

See the spreadsheet for updates.

Draft ready for circulation on the Spec Committee discussion (public) mailing list. It is expected that the input period will wrap up on or before August 9th when the Spec Committee will finalize the document and proceed to ballot.

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