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[] Jakarta EE Spec Committee Approved Meeting Minutes - October 19th, 2022

Jakarta EE Spec Committee - October 19th, 2022

Attendees (present in bold):

Kenji Kazumura - Fujitsu

Tom Watson - IBM - Emily Jiang

Ed Bratt - Oracle - Dmitry Kornilov

Andrew Pielage - Payara - Petr Aubrecht

David Blevins - Tomitribe - Jean-Louis Monteiro, Cesar Hernandez

Ivar Grimstad - PMC Representative

Marcelo Ancelmo - Participant Member - Martijn Verburg

Werner Keil - Committer Member

Scott Stark - Red Hat - Scott Marlow  Enterprise Member

Zhai Luchao -  Shandong Cvicse Middleware Co. - Enterprise Member


Eclipse Foundation: Tanja Obradovic, Paul Buck (chair)

Past business / action items:

  • Approval is requested for the meeting minutes from the October 5th, 2022 meeting as drafted - Approved.


  • Ongoing tracking spreadsheet of individual specs progressing through the JESP

  • Rebasing the JESP on the EFSP 1.3 and ballot length update 

    • Previously approved resolution by Spec Committee on 09/07 and ratified by the Steering Committee on 09/14: 

      • It is resolved that the Jakarta EE Specification Committee agrees to:

        • Re-base the Jakarta EE Specification Process (JESP) 1.3 on the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP) version 1.3, 

        • Change the ballot period for 14 day ballots to be 14 calendar days or conclude after 7 days once all members have voted 

        • Update the JESP version to 1.4

        • And finalize the language at a later date to reflect this intent

    • Proposal: For the 14 day ballot period, adopt the language from MPSP

      • Each 7-day ballot will end after 7 days. Each 14-day ballot will conclude when either of the following occurs:

        • A minimum of 7 days have elapsed and all eligible members have voted

        • The 14 day ballot period has concluded

      • 09/21 No objections noted, we will update the JESP to adopt the language from the MPSP. Ed’s PR to be updated ( and then merged once ratified by the Steering Committee.

      • 10/05 Steering Committee chair requested to add agenda item for the Steering Committee to ratify the wording for the 14 day ballot, expected in their October 11th call

    • Wording was ratified by the Steering Committee in their call on October 11th, this PR can now be merged.

Ed will merge the pull request and update the JESP, Paul will send email to notify the spec discussion mailing list.

  • Work on and resolve Specification Committee’s process enhancements items including those identified in the Jakarta EE 10 retrospective:

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