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[] Exception to update test in service release


I would like to ask for an exception to update a test in a service release. The test in question is in the security TCK, and concerns this challenge:

The details and links to more discussion are in the issue, but to summarize it here: Red Hat made a convincing case that an internal implementation detail of the test is controversial. This however concerns just a detail to track something, and doesn't influence the purpose of the test, which is testing that an interceptor can be applied, and that this is called dynamically (for each request).

A PR for an updated test as proposed by Red Hat is already merged.

Excluding the test would normally be fine, but in this case we'd lose coverage for an important area. And that area (applying decorators) is completely outside the challenge.

Hence the request to update the test with an internal implementation detail, which does not influence (narrow or widen) the actual purpose of the test.

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms


Would be great if this can be forwarded to

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