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[] Guidance on EE 10 release and the (older) Standalone Authentication TCK tests + TCKs passed for Authentication 3.0 Ballot...

The Authentication 3.0 TCK test results for the Spec ballot [1] includes running both the old [2] + new [3] Authentication TCK tests, however, only the new Authentication TCK [3] were promoted to the Eclipse download site [4].

Since our current state is post-ballot for Authentication 3.0 ballot and pre-ballot for EE 10 Platform, the minimum effort is to release the already staged [2] TCK so that compatible EE 10 implementations can pass that as was done for the [1] ballot.

From the Platform perspective as discussed during June 21 call, after the EE 10 ballot starts, the Authentication 3.0 Spec project will produce a release that includes the missing [2] (old Authentication) TCK tests for EE implementations to run but is that allowed?  Simpler approach could be that whatever was already done for the Authentication 3.0 Spec Ballot, the same should be done for the EE 10 Platform (e.g. bring Authentication TCK tests back into Platform TCK repo but only for running old Standalone Authentication TCK by all EE 10 implementations).

[6] is the tracking issue for releasing the updated Authentication TCK with the old TCK tests.


[2] old
[3] new

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