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Re: [] [jakartaee/specifications] Draft of Jakarta Batch 2.1 Release Review (PR #438)

There seems to be some inconsistency around the version scheme of release plans. Some where using a major.minor.0 for a new release, while others are just using major.minor. Since point/service releases don't require any plan or vote, release plans for specification should probably just use a major.minor scheme consistently. The current operations guide gives not guidance on this:

On Feb 18, 2022 at 10:06:18 AM, Scott Kurz <notifications@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

2.1.0 OK?

@starksm64 question for you.. I have a few updates to make to the release record, e.g. generate IP log.

I'm wondering it OK that I named this release "2.1.0"? As opposed to "2.1"? If that's wrong I should probably fix that before going too much further? I already did a Plan Review under 2.1.0 though, so maybe it's OK?

Another Question

I see in the review checklist:

Link to project release plan of the form{spec}/releases/x.y/plan

So we're not going with the overall EE 10 Platform release plan?

We don't really have a separate Batch release plan in a link like this though I guess we could copy/paste the Plan Review info.

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