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[] References to jakarta.* being reserved (was Re: [External] : [BALLOT] Revised: Recommend naming convention for new TCK tests in Jakarta EE 10 - Ends Jan 26th, 6pm Pacific)

> On Jan 20, 2022, at 2:31 PM, Lukas Jungmann <lukas.jungmann@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> That may be as simple as putting sth like "Package/module names that start with the identifier jakarta are reserved for packages of the Jakarta Specification Projects. These packages/modules are not subject to the requirements given on user applications." somewhere to be explicit about it and to not allow this to fall into grey area. Maybe it is already written somewhere and I just cannot find it.

Paul Buck dug up these details and sent them to the Spec Committee list when this topic came up.  Reposting in good faith it's ok with him as all the text is largely public.

The last two items seem focused on vendors, but the first item is broad.  Having this in some sort of FAQ would be great.  Even spec text would be great as most people instinctively looked there.

--From Paul Buck--

  1. See the Eclipse Foundation Trademark Usage Policy[1] which says
    • Proper Usage of Eclipse Foundation Trademarks

      • “4. Only Eclipse Projects are authorized to develop or
        maintain software packages that use Eclipse Foundation
        namespaces such as 'org.eclipse' in their namespace. An
        important use of an Eclipse Trademark is the 'org.eclipse'
        string used on all namespaces for Eclipse Projects. This
        naming convention is used to identify code that has been
        developed as part of an Eclipse Project.”
    • Proper Usage of Eclipse WG Trademarks
      • "Use of any namespaces created by a WG including but not
        limited to ‘jakarta’, 'org.locationtech' or 'org.polarsys' is
        not permitted by this Policy unless authorized in advance in
        writing by Eclipse."

  2. Also see the EF TCK License which says

    • "4.c. comply with any requirements stated in the Specification
      with regard to subsetting, supersetting, modifying or extending
      the Specification in any Product claimed to be compatible with
      the Specification."
  3. Also see the (Jakarta) Compatibility Trademark License Agreement which says
    • “1.11 “Specification-Compatible Implementation” shall mean an
      implementation that: … (ii) does not modify, subset, superset or
      otherwise extend the Eclipse Name Space, or include any public
      or protected packages, classes, interfaces, fields, methods or
      constructors within the Eclipse Name Space, other than as
      required or authorized by the Ratified Specification.”



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