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[] Mentor template again

Sending again with actual template, with updated dates.

Please check the specifications you have been assigned as a mentor to using the following 'Jakarta EE Spec Mentor Assignments & Ballot Progress' spreadsheet on the Jakarta EE 10 RR tab:

And use the following email template (or whatever you deem appropriate) to ask on the associated spec project mailing list what the expected date of the final release review PR is. Update the 'Notes and Status' column of the spec committee tracking spreadsheet with their response by the Dec 15 specification committee meeting.

Scott Stark
Red Hat
EE10 release coordinator

---- Begin email template ---


I have been assigned by the Specification Committee to mentor you through the process of finalizing the PR for the upcoming release review of [INSERT SPEC NAME AND VERSION] for inclusion in EE10. 

As a part of wave [INSERT WAVE] in the Jakarta EE 10 Release Plan, the release review PR was to be created by Dec 15 2021. This has now been changed to be no later than Feb 28 2022, which is now a date that if missed, will cause your project to be skipped for the EE10 release. You may create the PR even if you don't have all the information required. Just mark it as DRAFT and work on it together with your mentor (me).

Are you on track with creating a PR for this specification in the specifications repository?
Is there anything blocking/delaying the release?


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