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Re: [] [External] : [Ballot] Optional Features Resolution

-1 (Oracle)

We would be in favor of a resolution that strongly discourages new optional features. We believe this resolution would complicate new development especially as we are seeking to adopt new and different feature environments. We believe more component specification member engagement should be as well as other process options should be pursued before mandating an absolute prohibition on optional features.

-- Ed Bratt

On 7/28/2021 7:46 AM, Paul Buck wrote:

Greetings Jakarta EE Specification Committee,

I need your vote to approve the following resolution:

RESOLUTION: The Jakarta EE Specification Committee resolves that no new optional features may be added in Jakarta EE 10 and beyond in component, Platform, or Profile specifications.

This is a seven day ballot, ending on Wednesday, August 4th. Community input is welcome, but only votes cast by Specification Committee Representatives will be counted.

The Specification Committee is composed of representatives of the Jakarta EE Working Group Member Companies (Fujitsu, IBM, Oracle, Payara, Red Hat, Tomitribe, and Primeton), along with individuals who represent the EE4J PMC, Participant Members, and Committer Members.

Specification Committee representatives, your vote is hereby requested. Please respond with +1 (positive), 0 (abstain), or -1 (reject).  Any feedback that you can provide to support your vote will be appreciated.

Thanks ... Paul

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