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Re: [] Jakarta EE Spec Committee Meeting Minutes - September 23rd, 2020

Thanks! We post these minutes to provide visibility to the Spec Committee's discussions and as always we are open to questions from the community. 

... Paul

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 9:25 PM Amelia Eiras <aeiras@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
These emails with copy/paste of the approved agenda call minutes are appreciated.  Thanks Spec committee via task's executer Paul B.! 

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 12:14 PM Paul Buck <paul.buck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Jakarta EE Spec Committee Agenda September 23rd, 2020

Attendees (present in bold):

Kenji Kazumura - Fujitsu

Dan Bandera - IBM - Kevin Sutter

Ed Bratt - Oracle - Dmitry Kornilov 

Andrew Pielage - Payara - Matt Gill

Scott Stark - Red Hat - Mark Little, Scott Marlow

David Blevins - Tomitribe - Jean-Louis Monteiro, Cesar Hernandez

Ivar Grimstad - PMC Representative

Marcelo Ancelmo - Participant Member - Martijn Verburg

Werner Keil - Committer Member

Scott (Congquan) Wang - Primeton - Enterprise Member 

Eclipse Foundation: Tanja Obradovic, Paul Buck

Reference: EFSP, JESP

Past business / action items:

  • Approval is requested for the meeting minutes from the September 16th meeting as drafted - deferred till next meeting.


Proposal/decision: Request project re-release, to be done on behalf of the project by Spec Comm member. Note: Releases need to be done within 60 days of the Platform release.

  • Issue with BV release approval from PMC


    • Our does not have a join point on the 3 conditions required for release of the specification materials; A Release Review concludes successfully with approval from the PMC and EMO, and approval by a Super-majority of the Specification Committee.

    • BV has released the API and TCK artifacts. We need to have these 3 conditions in a checklist before the spec project is notified of its task list. 

    • Lukas has suggested other projects have had to respin a service release to address a process issue. Is this the case with BV?

Proposal: Eliminate PMC approval steps, require EMO approval is in place before release review commences. Discuss on the list and in the next committee call w/ EMO. No change for EE 9. Scott S. to prepare a position statement to frame the discussion.

Items below were not discussed and will be the lead of items on the call scheduled for September 30th

  • Is using the same group/artifacts coords as EE8 the right thing for EE9? [Scott S.]

    • See email thread initiated on Sep 18, 2020, 9:50 PM on the Spec Committee list by Scott for background.

  • We may need maintenance releases of certain TCKs very shortly after some of their final ballots [David B.]

    • Some TCKs have spec assertion files that have invalid javax references

    • Some of the TCKs have javax in the fallback signature files.  Affects any testing on JDKs later than 11.

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