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[] Alignment with Code of Conduct for specifications migration

Hi folks,
earlier I did a check for understanding the status of the specifications. Happily to announce that there are new people willing to participate and help.

During my overview I saw that every project had been managing the transaction in its own way. In particular, the thing that I'd like to address is what are your opinions regarding the Change Log section? I've seen projects that decided to keep it (e.g. [3]) while in others it has been removed [1][2]. Therefore, I'm starting this conversation because I strongly believe that all the specification should follow the same decision regarding this issue.

In my opinion, the changelog should be erased for two reasons. First, it forces us to maintain references to old Oracle documentation. Secondly, in the long run there will be more and more confusion for new folks going through references regarding discussion outside the Jakarta/Eclipse ecosystem and also because of the namespaces javax.



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