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Re: [] Jakarta EE Developer Survey - Please Help

Gentle reminder that the survey closes Friday. This is one of the easiest contributions to Jakarta EE you can make.

Here is a fresh tweet to help spread the word:

On 3/20/2022 12:48 PM, Reza Rahman wrote:

I am sure some of you have seen that the fifth annual Jakarta EE Developer Survey is now open: It will be open until May 6th and is pretty easy to fill out.

I wanted to briefly remind you how important this survey is. It is used by many decision makers including the people that invest in Jakarta EE in many different ways. It is vital people participate and the results represent your views. It is perhaps the least you can do as a user of the technology.

Aside from filling out the survey, please consider helping get the word out. You could simply re-tweet or like this:

Reza Rahman
Jakarta EE Ambassador, Author, Blogger, Speaker

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