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[] Protecting Contributors' commits & squashing - Insight

Happy October,¬†ūüíôJakartees,¬†

For all contributors in the Jakarta EE's + 30 repositories, please take a few minutes to skim through the [Contributor Card Tools for Releases] ~tampering with commit history w/ Squash #73 exchanges. 
Should you have questions or/& feedback, please use the git issue. 

Recommendation: Our ecosystem ought to create "Best Practices" to ensure that all contributions are protected when squash is performed.  I couldn't find that document. 

Special thank you to Scott M. (who is working on the TCK refactoring) and Andrii (Triber, providing the insights into the "manual squash" don't & do how-knowledge) 

Wishing everyone a peaceful wknd ahead, 

Amelia Eiras 

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