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[] Fwd: [cdi-dev] Survey on bean discovery for Lite

Forward this to the wider community to get more input! Please share your thoughts with the CDI dev group!


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From: Matej Novotny <manovotn@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 11:09 AM
Subject: [cdi-dev] Survey on bean discovery for Lite
To: cdi developer discussions <cdi-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>


as was discussed in a meeting, I created a survey on bean discovery mode in Lite.

The purpose of this initiative as well as the options are captures in this Gdoc -
Please read that before voting!

Both, committers and community members are encouraged to vote.

Survey is created via Google Forms and here is the link -

The survey has no time limit associated, but I expect to terminate it no sooner than May 7th (but more likely May 11th) and after that we will discuss the results in the following CDI meeting.

Once you vote, you will be able to see results plus after the vote is concluded, I plan to share the results on this mailing list.

I know Emily, Antoine and possibly others wanted to share this link further through social networks. You should be able to just copy-paste the link above to achieve that.

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