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Re: [] United States Department of Defence [DISCUSS]

Dear Zahid,
I think he doesn't the acronym  KISSSS , 
Keep It Simple Software Solution Strategy,
for example when the DOD decided  to use a SINGLE common high level language.
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Subject: Re: [] United States Department of Defence [DISCUSS]
Please clarify how this is in  breach 
Of code of conduct  ?


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On Mon, 19 Apr 2021, 19:24 Ivar Grimstad, <ivar.grimstad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Zahid,

This email counts as a warning that your emails are in breach of the Eclipse Foundation Code of Conduct. On behalf of the Eclipse Foundation, I am warning you that one more email in breach of our code of conduct will result in an immediate 30 day ban from our communication channels.

Ivar Grimstad

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On Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 7:24 PM Zahid Rahman <zahidr1000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a report by the US DOD on the cause of the software crisis on my website.
Perhaps the Jakarta EE community wants to apply the lessons learned to JakartaEE.
I think they mainly say apply KISSSS.
Application Developer skills challenge
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