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[] Live! - Jakarta EE 10 Contributor Guide

Hi folks,

I wanted to let you know that the Jakarta EE 10 Contributor Guide is now live! It has been in draft mode a while and it needs to be a living document anyway.

Please do take a look if you have not done so. Please also help spread word.

There are a number of project leads and committers that really are looking forward to your contributions. Anything you can do - however large or small - will help make Jakarta EE 10 a reality just as it helped make Java EE 8 and Jakarta EE 9 realities. Do feel free to ask questions if you need clarification or further guidance.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank the many folks that contributed to the guide including vendors and especially Ryan Cuprak and Ondrej Mihalyi for getting the guide started so many months ago.

Reza Rahman
Jakarta EE Ambassador, Author, Blogger, Speaker

Please note views expressed here are my own as an individual community member and do not reflect the views of my employer.

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