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Re: [] Looking for collaboration

In the spirit of fairness, I agree with Werner. Whomever advised posting here should probably have considered things a bit more carefully. I would say your best bet at the moment is a JavaFX or Android mailing list. I wager JS folks won’t be too keen on this just yet. At the moment, it feels on the tangential side here unless you really have near term plans to standardize or adopt more of Jakarta EE?

Reza Rahman
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On Mar 27, 2021, at 11:08 AM, Werner Keil <werner.keil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I don't want to discourage you but I don't see a lot of your libraries using Jakarta EE yet, so maybe this could be the wrong list to advertise it?🤔

Making heavy use of the "Jigsaw" JPMS is a good thing at least in my opinion but I got quite confused between "base", "main" and "core" among all your modules sometimes. It also seems quite odd, that it is still at 0.2.x after more than 20 years (the copyright header says 2001-2021) 

Many of those ideas probably come late, the biggest overlap seems with JSR 377, which not very surprising is now dormant:, I can't say if you are a Full JCP Member already nor if 377 could ever leave the dormant state, but most of the modules I see in your library are much more desktop or "RCP" focussed and only very few of them have anything to do with Jakarta EE. The "config" module but there are already many "cooks" involved in that kitchen, so it could be a little late there, but stay tuned and maybe subscribe to some of the detail "dev" spec lists for JSON, Validation or (if it came into existence) Jakarta Configuration.

For all the other stuff like JavaFX or JEPs, you're just in the wrong place here.


On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 11:10 AM Hohwiller, Jörg via <> wrote:
Dear JakartaEE Community and Experts,

I started on slack and was suggested to send to this mailing list.

Still I hope I am not misplaced here, but I would like to get in touch
for what I have created in my OSS project:
It might look like yet another Java framework but this is really a
marvellous approach to let Java rock.
Maybe I can find some people here in order to find ways getting this in
a broader direction and potentially brining in some parts as JEPs,
candidates for JakartaEE, etc. or so.

In a nutshell, I have created a universal UI API using Java Interfaces:
Then I created implementations for that like ui-fx that allows to run
the Frontend using JavaFx on the desktop, or ui-tvm to cross-compile it
to JS or WASM and run it in the browser, also I am working on ui-android
and there is ui-test for simple JUnit testing of the UIs without complex
mocking but design for testability.
So with one code-base you can reach all channels.

There are also smaller modules that could be interesting like
mmm-marshall that allows marshalling and unmarshalling to any structured
format such as JSON, YAML, XML, ProtoBuf from one code. Maybe that one
could be the starting point to shape a future JakartaEE standard if
others agree that the idea is good...

Also there is a minimal but very powerful API like Localizable
that may be a candidate for a JEP to add to a future JDK version.
Currently this is fully implemented in mmm-nls. But JDK MessageFormat
could be extended to ship an implementation directly with the JDK.

Might all be too much at once and overwhelming or over-ambitious, but I
hope to find people who are interested to get into discussion for making
Java even better :)

Thanks in advance...

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