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Re: [] An introduction to my Jakarta EE 9 starter template project

Hi Hantsy,

I think this looks super promising.

I have recently started an effort to convert the Jakarta Starter project over to a Maven Archetype. I think this would go nicely into generating starter code through the Archetype for each of the major application servers to start with. What do you think? Want to join forces? If so, let’s take it offline or to the Jakarta Starter mailing list?

Reza Rahman
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On Mar 25, 2021, at 11:04 PM, hantsy bai <hantsy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Jakarta EE community and developers,

I've created a simple Jakarta EE template project  The purpose is to provide a workable and testable project skeleton you can use as the start point of your project:

1. Minimal sample codes to start a Jakarta EE project.
2. Build and deploy to the popular application servers , such as Glassfish/Payara, WildFly, OpenLiberty, etc.
3. Comprehensive testing config on the popular open-source application servers, such as Glassfish/Payara, WildFly, OpenLiberty etc.
4. Github actions CI workflow configuration.
5  Docs to describe the configuration


Hantsy Bai

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