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[] Collaboration on mmm framework

Dear JakartaEE Community and Experts,

I started on slack and was suggested to send to this mailing list.

Still I hope I am not misplaced here, but I would like to get in touch for what I have created in my OSS project:

It might look like yet another Java framework but this is really a marvellous approach to let Java rock.
Maybe I can find some people here in order to find ways getting this in a broader direction and potentially brining in some parts as JEPs, candidates for JakartaEE, etc. or so.

In a nutshell, I have created a universal UI API using Java Interfaces. Then I created implementations for that like ui-fx that allows to run the Frontend using JavaFx on the desktop, or ui-tvm to cross-compile it to JS or WASM and run it in the browser, also I am working on ui-android and there is ui-test for simple JUnit testing of the UIs without complex mocking but design for testability.
So with one code-base you can reach all channels.

There are also smaller modules that could be interesting like mmm-marshall that allows marshalling and unmarshalling to any structured format such as JSON, YAML, XML, ProtoBuf from one code. Maybe that one could be the starting point to shape a future JakartaEE Standard if others agree that the idea is good...

Also there is a minimal but very powerful API like Localizable that may be a candidate for a JEP to add to a future JDK version. Currently this is fully implemented in mmm-nls. But JDK MessageFormat could be extended to ship an implementation directly with the JDK.

Might all be too much at once and overwhelming or over-ambitious, but I hope to find people who are interested to get into discussion for making Java even better :)

Thanks in advance...


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