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[] [DevNexus 2021- OSSRRRJAM Party @Home] Jakarta Community is a Sponsor and has a Silver Booth

Feliz 2021 Jakartees! 

The Jakarta EE Community has been invited to participate in the Thanking diverse Open Source ecosystems during the Community Party at Devnexus this Feb 17th.   Thank you, Atlanta JUG Team, for keeping OSSRRRJAM a reality under current times! 💪

Tracing: in 2019, the Jakarta Community was invited to both OSSRRRJAM2019 and a booth at $0 cost. 
In 2021, we have extended to the Jakarta WG the invite to cover OSSRRRJAM party costs and use at a $0 cost a Silver virtual booth. The result, acceptance. 
  • 500 OSSRRR shirts will be shipped to the 1st  500 USA- DevNexus registered individuals and contain the Jakarta EE logo! 
  • 500 Stickers...  could be added to the DevNexus 500 shipped package. That action is up to the discretion of the Mktg committee. 
  • Coming- there will be extra OSSRRR shirts to be #earnTHATShirt by #SharingIsCaring tradition.  Those t-shirts will be shipped globally.  Stand by, follow the DevNexus Twitter for announcements on how if you have never earned one before.🤗
About fun stuff, when providing the Silver $0 booth, the idea behind it was to allow each of you, #ossDOER, to take charge & become a part of DevNexus @Home. 

You can dream-up and control the booth direction. If you choose to volunteer for booth duty, what do you think ought to be the inventory of the topics to be covered?

There is no incorrect answer. There are no bosses. There is a community that reaches consensus and execute  ---  I will biasedly start with windows for distributing the time across: 
  • Jakarta EE 9 - ~ 33 APIs:  hardcore / sweet technical stuff  --- always my preference, of course! 💪
  • Implementations working & already compliant on EE 9 
  • Tool vendors that are helping you code with EE 9
  • Enabling newcomers to submit a PR during the booth demo...  efficient investment of their time. 
  • etc... 
If you think you want to be involved, you can. 
That is how you can thank the DevNexus Team for bringing to Java open source ecosystems, like ours, the possibility to come together & be simply awesome and together. #ByCommunityForCommunity! 💙 

Where to start if  you are ready to own the work:
The Jakarta EE Community Folder> Pictures have been used for TCK, blogs, Mktg, etc. Today, I created the  Conferences folder that has public-edit access. You don't need permission to be awesome.  

Let's create a simple reality that contains your signature, your wants & your values! 

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