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Re: [] Booth Volunteer/Speaking Opportunity

Hi Reza:

Thanks for letting us know about these opportunities.  As the old saying goes, I know enough about Kubernetes to be dangerous...  :-)

Having said that, I did register myself for a booth shift from noon-1:00pm on Thursday, November 19.  I went with MicroProfile as the project since there were already a handful of Jakarta EE listed.

All the best,


On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 1:08 PM Reza Rahman <reza_rahman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The Eclipse Foundation has a great virtual booth slot at the premier KubeCon NA conference on November 17-20. Other than booth slots, there is an opportunity to present as well (one session per day). The following is the sign up sheet:

Can you please consider volunteering for these opportunities? The booth slots should be a very easy commitment for someone with reasonable technical depth. It's really just Q&A with interested folks. For the talks, anyone is always most welcome to adapt/adopt some material below.

Note, there are a few people in the "to" header of this email that have a track record of consistent contribution. We all really should be considering giving these same few folks a break and broadening active participation. If you have never contributed in this manner before, this could be your opportunity for a first contribution?

The deadline here is Friday, the 30th so there isn't much time unfortunately. Thanks as always for stepping up!

Reza Rahman
Jakarta EE Ambassador, Author, Blogger, Speaker

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