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Re: [] Availability of Jakarta EE 9 within Jelastic PaaS

Hi Ruslan,

This is very cool! It is great to see the great ecosystem between runtime and cloud platform! By the way, I think you missed a cool runtime, Open Liberty,

Open Liberty is a great supporter of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile. It has betaed some of Jakarta EE9 specifications already (detailed in this blog ). Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding Open Liberty.


On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 7:13 PM Ruslan Synytsky <rs@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Jakarta EE Community,

The Jelastic PaaS Team is in the active process of integrating Jakarta EE 9 within our cloud platform. We have updated certified container images with the following software stacks and already made them available for the customers:
GlassFish and Payara updates are coming soon, a set of technical challenges still have to be solved. But we expect to be totally ready at the moment of a full launch during this fall and make the transition for our users as smooth as possible.

Jelastic PaaS provides an easy way to create environments with new Jakarta EE9-based application servers for deep testing and compatibility checks. It’s also possible to redeploy existing containers with old versions to the newest ones for reducing the amount of migration efforts.

In addition, we plan to migrate our internal services to Jakarta EE 9 during Q3-Q4 2020.

Current namespace migration will open the doors to the upcoming Jakarta EE 10 new features, enhancements and other major updates. And Jelastic fast adoption of the changes will make this functionality available for cloud users without long expectations.

Best regards
Ruslan Synytsky
CEO @ Jelastic Multi-Cloud PaaS

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