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[] Community Day ECE 2018, Meet the spec event

Hello All,

as you may already know Eclipse Foundation is busy working on the plans for Community Day @ ECE 2018 with Jan Westerkamp and Heiko Rupp. This day will be organized and run primarily by the community members.

One of the suggested sessions is "Meet the spec event" - short talks on a specification

The intention is to present the current status of a JSR and its transition to Jakarta EE related project (EE4J project) and its future direction. The requirement is to provide an abstract or entry for the talk. We may need to limit the time for the talk. Ideally, we would like to take the opportunity and have a short intro on SmallRye (multi-vendor MicroProfile implementation) as well.

Can you please reply back to people on CC and me if you are interested and provide requested information?

The expectation is that the Community Day plan with the Schedule / Sessions / Presenters and all necessary information will be published in a couple of weeks or so on a publicly accessible wiki. As soon as we have it we'll be sharing the link with you all.

Best Regards,


Tanja Obradovic

Jakarta EE Program Manager | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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