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[] Plan for Batch Spec (JSR 352) in Jakarta EE

Since the Batch Spec (JSR 352) was first introduced in Java EE 7, it has been well received by the community and greatly helped standardize modern batch processing applications.  There was plan to include a next release of batch spec into Java EE 8, but unfortunately was left out.  Now under the new Jakarta EE umbrella, what is the plan for batch spec?

I would love to see continued support for batch spec in Jakarta EE, as well as further evolution of the spec to add more features.  Some important features (e.g., job definition inheritance, etc) had to be deferred to at the last minute of batch spec 1.0.  So it would be nice to carry forward these deferred tasks.

What do you think about in Jakarta EE?  I appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Thank you,

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