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Re: [] A Composable Platform Over Profiles

On Wed, May 02, 2018 at 05:21:50PM +0000, Steve Millidge (Payara) wrote:
> I don’t think we should strive for JPA to be standalone and independent of
> say CDI and JTA...
> On the point of not developing for a server, where is the thread handling,
> transaction handling, http handling, socket handling etc?

JPA is a bit special in that it already IS independent of CDI + JTA, specifically
for use in non-EE applications (including batch, Swing and JavaFX apps).

In these apps, you do not need thread handling, you learn to do transaction handling
using JPA's EntityTransaction, and you sure don't need server-side HTTP handling
or socket handling (you do both in the same app? :-)) on the client.

I'm pretty sure that JPA was carefully engineered to be usable outside of the EE server
environment, and I doubt that it would help things by losing that.

One will notice that the JPA API is a lot like Hibernate, and that Hibernate is
adopting a lot of JPA API directly, and that Hibernate has always been usable
without the server around it.

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