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Re: [] Code One/JavaOne attendance

I have some ideas and materials here that might be helpful: Although not directly, I am basically covering MicroProfile centric features in a couple of my proposals.

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From: Mark Little <mlittle@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 5/1/18 5:58 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Subject: [] Code One/JavaOne attendance

In Eclipse MicroProfile-Land we’ve tried for the past few years to have a good, broad showing at JavaOne. We’re likely to do the same again this year but clearly this is the first year of Jakarta EE and whilst I’m sure the Marketing Committee are hard at work thinking about what that means, at the end of the day it’s people and companies on this list who will need to step up and ensure that Code One also has a good number of Jakarta EE related sessions. Ideally we should have cross-company/cross-group sessions to illustrate the breadth and depth of support for what we’re all trying to achieve here - no single vendor should dominate.



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