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Re: [jaf-dev] JAF 2.0.0 has been tagged in GitHub but an old version exists in Maven Central


On 11/2/20 12:06 AM, Warwick Hunter wrote:
Hello JAF developers,

I note that JAF 2.0.0 has been tagged as released in github in late October, which is great news. <;!!GqivPVa7Brio!P18w77PNtr_TGAPb9gz8_P0NDVI2k76lBYpIYPQDXq_vE9SM_y38u8VchW6kstbg5wk$>

However, in Maven Central there seems to be an old version labelled with 2.0.0. <;!!GqivPVa7Brio!P18w77PNtr_TGAPb9gz8_P0NDVI2k76lBYpIYPQDXq_vE9SM_y38u8VchW6kCmlsmEI$>

Can anyone clarify for me? Am I mistaken?

The tag was not created for final 2.0.0 binary at the time the binary was built. The tag has been created and published later - once the binary has been tested and approved for release - and it matches the commit from which 2.0.0 was built.

Have you found some discrepancy between the binary and the tag other than the timestamp?


Warwick (aka River Cartwright)


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