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[iot-wg] [Important] Next meeting of the Edge Native Special Interest Group

Hi everyone.

During the meeting of the Edge Native Special Interest Group (SIG) last week, we had an interesting discussion about the SIG's future. The most immediate needs are new initiatives to drive participation and new people willing to participate. In particular, one idea proposed was to pivot towards presentations made by edge end-users. This means our SIG member organisations would have to help me find such end-users and convince them to present.

At the end of the meeting, the group agreed that it needed more time to consider its options. So, the plan is to decide the next time we meet. Please read the rest of this message to understand what is at stake.

The next meeting falls right in the middle of the week Embedded World takes place. Since several SIG participants and I will be there, we cannot have the meeting on April 10 as scheduled. So my question to you is: Should I move the April meeting to Wednesday, April 17 (same time slot), or just wait for the May meeting (May 8, 2024)?

We also discussed several scenarios for the future evolution of the SIG. Those are:

1. Stay the course (don't change anything)
Keeping things as they are is fine, but we need new initiatives and contributors to drive the group.

2. Keep a SIG, but open membership to Eclipse IoT supporters (free) 
This has the benefit of bringing more people around the table. However, we would lose a way to attract paying members to the working group.

3. Transform the SIG into an interest group.
Interest groups are open to all Eclipse members, which would maximise participation. However, interest groups are completely driven by the community. Eclipse staff are supposed to spend less time on them, meaning you will get minimal support from me.

Please reply to this email with your preference for the next meeting's time slot and your opinions and ideas about the SIG's future. The intent is to make a final decision at the next meeting.

Let me know what you think.

Best Regards,


Program Manager and Evangelist — Embedded, IoT, and Edge Computing | Eclipse Foundation

Mastodon: @fdesbiens@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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