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[iot-wg] ThreadX comes to Eclipse and it needs you!

Hi everyone. 

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Azure RTOS, including all of its components, will be made available as the Eclipse ThreadX open source project. 

Eclipse ThreadX offers a vendor-neutral, open source, safety-certified OS for real-time applications, all under the permissive MIT license. It stands alone as the first and only RTOS with this unique blend of attributes to meet a wide range of needs that will benefit industry adopters, developers, and end users alike. 

You can look at the Eclipse ThreadX project proposal here:  Eclipse ThreadX Project 

In the next few weeks, the ThreadX community will come together to build a new Eclipse working group to sustain the growth of the ThreadX ecosystem. The discussions will take place inside the Eclipse ThreadX Interest Group, which any Eclipse member organization can join for free. Joining the interest group now does not mean your organization will have to join the working group, but it enables you to participate in shaping the future working group.

I accepted to serve as the ThreadX interim program manager while still being responsible for the Eclipse IoT and Sparkplug working groups. Please feel free to contact me with questions about the ThreadX interest group and the upcoming working group.

Contact collaborations@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if your organization wishes to join the ThreadX interest group. 

If you are a developer, you can naturally contribute to the open source project. I would recommend joining the Eclipse ThreadX developer mailing listYou can also stay connected by joining the general Eclipse ThreadX mailing list and watching for updates at

Best Regards,


Program Manager and Evangelist — Embedded, IoT, and Edge Computing | Eclipse Foundation

Mastodon: @fdesbiens@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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