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[iot-wg] IoT Working Group Committee Elections

The IoT Working Group charter identifies the Steering Committee and Marketing & Brand Committee as the driving force of the working group for which there are elected positions to be filled.

While the Leader Members are appointed to both the committees, the elected seat is to represent Innovator members, for which one seat is allocated per committee. 

Through this email, we are formally announcing the Eclipse Foundation will hold these elections on behalf of the working group using the proposed timetable listed below.

All Members are encouraged to consider nominating someone. The Innovator Members are EMQ Technologies, Inc., HiveMQ GmbH, JASMINE CONSEIL SARL, Kynetics.

Nominations must be sent to this mailing list.  When the nomination period is closed, we will inform the working group of the confirmed candidates providing a short bio for each along with their position statement.  At that point, we will distribute ballots via email to those eligible to vote.  The election process will follow the Eclipse “Single Transferable Vote” method, as defined in the Eclipse Bylaws.  The winning candidates will be announced on this mailing list following the close of the election.  

Elections Schedule:

November 8 -15: Call for Nominations

November 16:  Announce Candidates Standing

November 21 - 28:  Ballots Created/Sent (Voting Period)

November 29:  Announce Elected Candidates

Please let us know if you have any questions.  Nominations are now open!. Best Regards,



Zahra Fazli

Membership Process Lead | Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse Foundation: The Community for Open Innovation and Collaboration

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