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[iot-wg] Special Interest Group Creation Request

Dear Eclipse IoT steering committee,

Since 2019, the Edge Native working group has been the meeting place for professionals interested in Edge Computing in the Eclipse ecosystem and beyond. To accelerate our growth, we feel that we must create stronger relationships with the rest of the Eclipse ecosystem and increase our visibility. Consequently, we decided to restructure our working group under Eclipse IoT, which is the largest open source community of its kind in the industry.

We hereby propose the creation of an Edge Native special interest group (SIG) under the Eclipse IoT working group. The proposed scope is as follows.

The Edge Native special interest group will drive the evolution and broad adoption of Eclipse technologies related to Edge Computing in the context of IoT and industrial automation.

The group will:
  • Deliver a unified vision, architecture blueprints, and code for the seamless development and operation of edge native applications.
  • Drive the adoption of Eclipse projects related to Edge Computing, namely Eclipse ioFog, Eclipse Kanto, Eclipse Kura, and Eclipse Zenoh.
  • Promote the "Eclipse Edge Native" brand and its value in the marketplace.
  • Collaborate with external edge-related initiatives and organizations, such as LF Edge
I invite other Eclipse IoT member organizations willing to join the SIG to state their intent by replying to this email. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Best Regards,

Kilton Hopkins
Co-founder and CTO

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