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[iot-wg] [ACFTI] Webinars Series on Cyber Forensics & CyberSecurity

Dear Colleagues,

The association of cyber forensics and threat investigators (ACFTI)
will be hosting a webinar series on cyber forensics in 2022 and are
looking for presenters.

We are inviting expressions of interest to present at this event.
Ideally, we seek contributions in the realm of cybersecurity, digital
forensics, incident response, and threat investigations.

Expressions of interest to present from anyone doing research or
applying cybersecurity techniques to practical or theoretical
applications related to the interactions between cyber forensics and
threat investigations, can be sent as a short summary of your work
(c.200 words) to cftirc@xxxxxxxxx by Friday 31 December 2021.

We intend to programme 2-3 presentations of 30 minutes followed by a
panel discussion. Details of the event will be circulated once
presenters are finalised.

Best regards
Association of Cyber Forensics and Threat Investigators
Twitter: @acfti

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