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[iot-wg] IoT WG call minutes and recording — January 26, 2021

** See instructions to add the meeting invite to your personal calendar at the end of this email ***  

Hi everyone.

You will find the minutes of the January 26, 2021 call in this document:

Please let me know if there are any mistakes or omissions.  This call also has been recorded. Click here to access the recording. The recording password is "!w78^?Zb" (without the quotes)

We use a publicly available document to manage the meeting’s agenda. You can add items to it anytime.

As a reminder, all working group and project meetings are scheduled on a shared Google Calendar.

*** Adding the invite to your calendar ***

If you use Google Calendar, you can add the invite to your calendar by clicking this link.

If you use Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird+Lightning, you can import the calendar in your client as an iCal calendar (ICS). The calendar's URL is:

Best Regards,


Program Manager, IoT and Edge Computing | Eclipse Foundation

Twitter: @BlueberryCoder

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