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[iot-wg] Analyst Report on Eurotech's deployment of IoT solutions

Hi everyone,

We are happy to share with you the Analyst Report "Eurotech’s Ruggedized Compute at the Edge and HPC Experience Combine in Rich OT Applications" published in May 2020 by 451 Research. 

Eurotech’s long-standing experience in developing embedded and high-performance computing, and its place in the evolution and enablement of IoT, sits alongside its more well-known gateway technology. Eurotech is also a specialist in HPC, designing and manufacturing supercomputers, which has led to its high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) product set, combining the R&D experience with its OT ruggedized products for IoT and edge computing. 

The report highlights the exclusive value of Eclipse membership and provides an analyst overview of the strategies and technologies Eurotech deploys, the products it offers, and Eurotech’s competition that spans the IT and OT infrastructure.

Please enjoy this report and learn more about Eurotech’s evolution and enablement of IoT solutions.

Best regards,

Ioana Maftei

Ioana Maftei
EU Marketing Manager IoT & Edge | Eclipse Foundation, Inc. | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube

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