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[iot-wg] Eclipse Edge Native WG call minutes — April 1, 2020

 Hi everyone.

You will find the minutes from the April 1, 2020 call below. Minutes from prior meetings are available in this document:  

  1. Edge Landscape white paper outline

Since there are no major comments about the outline, writing will start soon. The team will keep using the same document. Let Kilton or Frédéric know if you wish to participate.

  1. Upcoming ioFog and fog05 releases

    • fog05 v0.1: First release under the Eclipse process. 

    • ioFog v.2.0: Lots of incremental improvements. Integration of Red Hat project Skupper in the networking layer is the biggest change.

  2. Website

    • Community page to come up soon. Will Have links to meeting invites and shared calendar. 

    • Website will have an adopters section like the one on

    • We need a planning document to discuss other website improvements

  3. Docker on Android

    • Run containers and ioFog on the popular mobile OS. Kynetics currently working on this. Main problem is to exchange messages between core OS and containers. MQTT could be used to perform this, maybe?

    • Alternative to MQTT would be the new zenoh protocol from ADLINK. Zenoh recently started incubation at the Eclipse Foundation.



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