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[iot-wg] IoT working group calls - Upcoming changes

In the last few months, we discussed how to improve our working group meetings at several occasions. During our last meeting, on February 25, we finally decided on a new formula.

The aim of this email is to describe the changes we are about to make. I will send the full minutes from that meeting soon, but felt I needed to communicate earlier about this specific topic, since I will cancel the existing invite and send a brand new one. 

From now on:
  1. The frequency of the Eclipse IoT working groups calls will be reduced to bi-weekly to monthly
  2. Projects under the authority of the IoT PMC will be required to provide updates to the community at least once a year
  3. We will maintain a permanent agenda in this document:
  4. One week before the meeting's scheduled date, I will set up a poll to prioritize the agenda topics.
As a reminder, all working group meetings are scheduled on this shared Google Calendar:"">

A few projects under the IoT top-level project also use an Eclipse-provided Zoom account to meet regularly. I took the liberty of adding the invites to those meetings on the calendar as well. 

Our upcoming refresh of the Eclipse IoT website will make it much easier for newcomers to find information about our various meetings. We are a vendor-neutral community open to all. Thus our meetings are open to members and non-members alike. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. And expect a new invite shortly.

Best Regards,

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