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Re: [iot-wg] REMINDER: IoT WG Face to Face Meeting in Berlin after BCX/BCW

Here's an additional incentive for you to come to Bosch Connected World
in February and join our F2F:

I've got some discount codes worth almost 50% each so you can attend BCW
for half the official price [1].

Let me know if you are interested.



On 23.01.20 09:42, Hudalla Kai (IOC/PAP-HU) wrote:
> Hi Working Group,
> this is a follow up to my invitation from last December.
> I have reserved a room at our premises but so far I haven't received any
> replies except for our friends from Aloxy. If you are attending BCW
> and/or BCX and are interested in joining us on Friday after the show for
> the F2F, then please drop us a line so that we can better plan
> accommodations.
> There is another thing: We are planning to award one of the project
> teams at BCX a special Open Source prize this year! The idea is to let
> project teams decide at the beginning of the event whether they want to
> take part in the challenge. During the event we then want to engage with
> the enrolled teams and educate them about Open Source in general and
> Eclipse IoT in particular and let them tell us, how their solution fits
> into that picture.
> For that, we are looking for open source enthusiasts like you who would
> be willing to invest 3 - 4 hours in spreading the word and be part of
> the jury awarding the prize at the end of the show.
> It would be really great if we could find 4 - 5 people who are
> interested in helping us planting the seed of open source into the
> (usually young) contestants and thus encouraging the next generation to
> use and maybe contribute to our projects.
> So, if you are planning to attend BCX/BCW and are interested in the F2F
> and/or becoming a juror for the OSS prize, please get in touch with me
> directly or on the list.
> Thanks a lot,
> Kai
> On 10.12.19 11:15, Hudalla Kai (INST/ECS4) wrote:
>> Hi Working Group,
>> Bosch Connected World 2020 [1] will take place in February 2020 in
>> Berlin again and, same procedure as last year, I would like to take the
>> opportunity to invite you to an IoT Working Group face-to-face meeting
>> around the event. We can use the time to discuss topics of interest to
>> the working group, but (most importantly) it is also a great opportunity
>> to meet the people you often only know from mails in person :-)
>> BCX (the hackathon) will take place Feb 17 - 19 and BCW (the conference)
>> will be Feb 19/20.
>> This leaves Friday, Feb 21st as an obvious option for the F2F meeting.
>> As every year, Bosch Software Innovations would be happy to host the
>> meeting at the Bosch IoT Campus premises in Berlin.
>> Please let me know if you are intending to visit BCW/BCX and would also
>> be interested in attending such a F2F meeting so that we can start planning.
>> See you in Berlin :-)
>> [1]

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Kai Hudalla

Software Developer - Bosch IoT Hub

Bosch.IO GmbH
Ullsteinstr. 128
12109 Berlin

Registered Office: Berlin, Registration Court: Amtsgericht
Charlottenburg; HRB 148411 B
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Lücke;
Managing Directors: Dr. Stefan Ferber, Dr. Aleksandar Mitrovic, Yvonne

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