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Re: [iot-wg] [sparkplug-wg] Sparkplug Working Group initial call - December 3, 2019 @ 9am Pacific/ 12pm Eastern / 7pm Central Europe

The call to introduce the brand new Eclipse Sparkplug working group was held on December 3rd. If you were unable to attend, I encourage you to check out the Zoom recording which is here and you can find the deck at this link

If you have not done so already, to remain connected and get involved in the future of Sparkplug you are encouraged to formally join the Sparkplug working group by completing the participation agreement and returning it to membership@xxxxxxxxxxx. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards ... Paul

Paul Buck
VP, Community Development  |  Eclipse Foundation  |  +1.613.220.6507 (m)

On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 12:09 PM Frédéric Desbiens <frederic.desbiens@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hold this date for the Webinar: Tuesday, December 3rd at 9am Pacific / 12:00pm Eastern / 7pm Central Europe


Hi everyone!


The initial call of the brand new Eclipse Sparkplug working group is on December 3rd, and you are invited! Presenters on this webinar will include Arlen Nipper from Cirrus Link, Kevin McClusky from Inductive Automation,Todd Anslinger from Chevron, and Paul Buck from the Eclipse Foundation. During the call, you will learn what we have in store for the Eclipse Sparkplug specification and the Eclipse Tahu project.

To join the call, simply use the following Zoom link:


It is pretty incredible to realize the adoption of MQTT Sparkplug by the ecosystem of OEM device manufacturers, solution providers and customers that has emerged in the span of just two and a half years since its first release.


The Sparkplug specification and associated reference implementation code have been open source from the day that Cirrus Link released it and made it available on GitHub. For some in this community, you already know that the Eclipse Paho project is the starting point for the majority of all MQTT development projects across the world. Inductive Automation are the leading contributors into the Eclipse Milo project, one of the few open source implementations of OPC-UA. Therefore, the Eclipse Foundation was a perfect fit for the future of the Sparkplug specification and in July of 2018, Cirrus Link contributed the entire IP portfolio of the Sparkplug specification along with the reference implementation code to open source at the Eclipse Foundation.


The Eclipse Foundation used the initial contribution of the Sparkplug IP to establish the Eclipse Tahu project where the Sparkplug specification and reference implementation code now reside. The next step is to create a Sparkplug Working Group.


The Sparkplug Working Group will promote the "Sparkplug" brand and its value in the marketplace by creating a Sparkplug compatibility logo program and promote the logo. OEMs that fully implement the specification and pass the associate TCK (Test Compatibility Kit) will be entitled to use the logo and trademark on their products and in their marketing materials. Consumers of Sparkplug compatible branded products will have the confidence that the devices and software can be used in their environments and will integrate with their MQTT infrastructure. 

As explained in the charter, Steering Committee will be established to provide direction to the Sparkplug specification project and the Eclipse Tahu open source project. It will also provide direction on which verticals to focus on and establish and drive a funding model that enables this working group and its community to operate on a sustainable basis.

A Marketing Committee will be established to promote the brand, drive initiatives to educate consumers of the value of using the Sparkplug protocol and OEMs the opportunity of supporting Sparkplug in their devices. This is an area that will require funded initiatives.

The Eclipse Foundation has a robust specification process that will be applied to manage updates to the Sparkplug specification and provide the IP framework required for broad commercial adoption of the specification. 

Since the release of the Sparkplug B specification, Cirrus Link has received a large amount of feedback on additional features and capabilities that customers, OEM device manufacturers, and solution providers would like to see incorporated into Sparkplug. With the formation of the Tahu project and the Sparkplug working group, now there is an open venue to propose, discuss, and implement these new features and capabilities.

I would like to invite anyone currently using or interested in MQTT and/or Sparkplug to attend this webinar to learn about Tahu and the Sparkplug Working Group and get involved in the future of modern IIoT technology! To stay up to date on the latest developments and activities I would also like to invite everyone to join the Sparkplug Working Group Mailing List:

Best Regards,

Frédéric Desbiens

Program Manager, IoT and Edge Computing | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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