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[iot-wg] New Virtual IoT Meetup - "Code-free IoT and Event Stream Processing for End Users"

Dear all,

In the next Virtual IoT Meetup on Dec 5 ( we will present our Open Source Streamsheets platform, which recently has been published under the EPL 2.0 and as Eclipse project proposal (

Streamsheets facilitate the creation and integration of applications in a familiar spreadsheet environment without a single line of program code. Users define logic for analyses, data transformation and processes in an already known and accepted way, which minimizes familiarization times and fears of contact, thereby acceIerating implementations of digital solutions.

Unlike traditional spreadsheet applications, Streamsheets are not static but are designed for dynamic processing, analysis, and controlling of data flows. Input data (primarily from but not limited to IoT devices / sensors) enters the inbox of a Streamsheet, using a concept similar to an e-mail program, then flows through the logic defined in the Streamsheet, before the results are forwarded to downstream IoT devices, processes or databases. Once the modeling phase of a process is complete, the graphical interface for the Streamsheet can be closed and its process logic will continuously run in real-time as a microservice in the server environment.

We look forward to meeting you there!

Best regards,
Philipp (CEO) and Philip (CTO) from Cedalo AG

Philip Ackermann
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) | Cedalo AG
Telefon: 0221 / 71944413

Cedalo AG, St. Galler Str. 7, 79199 Kirchzarten, Amtsgericht Freiburg HRB 716907
Vorstand: Philipp Struß, Philip Ackermann
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrat: Prof. Dr. Axel Sikora

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