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[iot-wg] a tiny tool for iot data collection and monitoring

Hi all,

I created a simple IoT data collection and monitoring tool using Eclipse Milo (OPC-UA),
Eclipse Paho (MQTT) and other OSS. It runs as a Java / OSGi application on Raspberry Pi 3B
or Ubuntu machine.


In fact, last week I announced to milo-dev ML. After that, I improved this tool, revised documentation,
and thought to announce to iot-wg ML. The brief introduction is as follows.

[IoT data]

- Industrial / Factory equipment information
 OPC-UA (by Eclise Milo)
 Collect data by monitoredItem.

- Environmental information
 - TI SensorTag CC2650 (by bluez-dbus)
   IR Temperature (Object / Ambience)
   Relative humidity
   Barometric pressure
 Â Movement (Gyroscope / Accelerometer / Magnetometer)

 - MH-Z19B (by jSerialComm)
   CO2 gas concentration

 Collect data by scheduling with cron4j (crontab format). Sensor data is read according to the cron4j schedule,
 but sensor data can also be read using BLE Notification. You can also use WakeOnMotion of CC2650.

[Sending data]

- InfluxDB (Time series DB)
- MQTT (Eclipse Paho - Eclipse Mosquitto)

[Visualization / monitoring]

- Grafana (via InfluxDB)
- Chronograf (via InfluxDB)

Also, I would like to add PM2.5 sensor to environmental information, but it has not been done yet
(to be determined).

For a list of bundles I created and third party bundles, see the "Bundle list" at that URL.