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[iot-wg] Virtual IoT Meetup - Volunteer for Tuesday, April 30th?

Hi all,

I would like to ask if anyone is available to do a Virtual IoT Meetup on Tuesday, April 30th? 

You know the drill, here are the details just in case:

We host webinars twice a month called Virtual IoT Meetups. The webinars are about 45 minutes long where presenters talk about their project and what users can do with it. The content usually consists of a few slides and a live demo with +/- 5 minutes for Q&As (sometimes can be longer depending on the number of questions) at the end.

I would need the following information:
  • Talk title
  • Talk abstract (2-3 paragraphs or ~500 words)
  • Speaker name
  • Speaker title
  • Speaker bio
  • Speaker photo
  • Speaker Twitter handle
  • Speaker LinkedIn profile
FYI: We have a meetup today:! Come join the fun! 

Thank you all and looking forward to your response!


Jameka Woodberry

EU & IoT Marketing Lead | Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH

Eclipse Foundation: The Platform for Open Innovation and Collaboration

Eclipse IoT: Largest Open Source Community for IoT

Annastr. 46, D-64673 Zwingenberg

Handelsregister: Darmstadt HRB 92821

Managing Directors: Ralph Mueller, Mike Milinkovich, Chris Laroque

Follow me on: Twitter/LinkedIn

Mobile: +49 157 5 8389252

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