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[iot-wg] Eclipse IoT Working Group meeting at EclipseCon Europe - Oct 22


As a reminder, and like in previous years, we will be having an Eclipse IoT WG face-to-face meeting on October 22, in co-location with EclipseCon Europe in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

It would be great if project leaders in attendance could plan on giving a short (~10min) update on where their project is at, in order to give everyone a sense of the overall roadmap and also to encourage collaboration between projects. 
If you are planning on attending, please edit the wiki page with your name and the project(s) you plan on giving an update for -

I would also like invite anyone interested in discussing other topics to either edit the wiki accordingly (Collaboration Topics / Open Whiteboard section), or to bring them up in this email thread.

Thanks in advance,
Benjamin -

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