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[iot-wg] EclipseCon France & EclipseCon Europe

Hello everyone,

Just a few reminders about our two annual conferences.

EclipseCon France
Next week, we will be at EclipseCon France, June 12-14. If youâre attending, plan to join the Eclipse IoT WG Meeting on Tuesday, focusing on cross-project integration topics. There is still time to register!

All Things IoT @ ECE
We will be hosting our annual Eclipse IoT WG Meeting (Oct 22) and an Eclipse IoT Day at EclipseCon Europe 2018 (Oct 23). The call for papers is now open, so you can propose a talk.

Program Committee Volunteers
We are also looking for volunteers for the Eclipse IoT Day @ ECE program committee. Donât be shy! We need at least 2 volunteers that would like to help us shape the program (and the bar was set pretty high with the outstanding talks at the Eclipse IoT Day Santa Clara!) :) Simply reply to this message orÂemail iot@xxxxxxxxxxx to volunteer.


Roxanne Joncas
Marketing Specialist
Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH