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[iot-wg] An update on the Kubernetes IoT/Edge Working Group


The last few weeks have been pretty busy for many of the participants to this group, so I though it would be useful to provide a quick update on the Kubernetes Working Group we are in the process of creating to address IoT and Edge computing topics in the context of Kubernetes and cloud native computing.

A lot of time has been spent getting feedback and guidance from the Kubernetes and CNCF community as many of us were not necessarily familiar with how they operate, but I believe we are now in a good shape to effectively create the group and start doing real stuff ;-)

In the meantime, I would encourage anyone interested in participating to this effort to:
  1. Add your organization/name as an interested party to the Google Docs (
  2. Fill in this Doodle form ( for indicating your availability to attend the Kubernetes IoT WG bi-weekly sync calls going forward. The Doodle poll is for the next meeting but the idea is to stick to this day/time for meeting every other week. 

Please let Dejan or I know if you have any questions,
Benjamin -


Benjamin Cabé
IoT Program Manager

Eclipse Foundation
+33 (0) 619196101

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